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Dahu Strawberry Cultural Centre - Farm in Taiwan

No.2 - 4, Baliaowan Fuxing Village, Dahu Township, Miaoli County, Taiwan 364 (苗栗縣大湖鄉富興村八寮灣2-4號)

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  • Operating hours

    Mon - Sun: 8.00am - 6.00pm
  • Contacts +886 3 7994986

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Crazy over strawberries? A visit to Dahu would be just the thing for you. Look out for the Dahu Strawberry Cultural Centre in the Museum Park District, which recounts the history of Dahu, known as the strawberry capital of Taiwan. It also sells a range of strawberry related products, including strawberry wines, meatballs and ice cream.

This place is also known as 苗栗大湖草莓文化園區.

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Must do tips

1. It is a must to try their strawberry ice cream, meatballs and wines

2. Visit the Strawberry Cultural Centre during the strawberry season, weekends or Christmas holidays to take part in various ongoing events perfect for strawberry lovers.

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Transport tips

1.Nearest to Miaoli Train Station.

2.From Miaoli Train Station, walk to Hsinchu Bus Miaoli Station (新竹客運苗栗站) by heading south on Weigong Road (為公路).

3.Take Bus 5656 [All Day] towards Hsinchu Bus Dahu Station (新竹客運大湖站)

4.Alight 51 stops later at 大湖酒莊.

5.Head north on Zhongyuan Road (中原路/台苗61線) and you will find Dahu Strawberry Museum Park District in no time.

6.The total journey would take about 2 hours, therefore it is advisable that you take a cab instead.

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