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Taiwan Sugar Museum @ Kaohsiung - Museum in Taiwan

No. 24, Tángchǎng Rd, Ciaotou District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

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  • Operating hours

    Mon - Sun: 8.00am - 5.00pm
  • Contacts +886 7 6113691

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Located in Kaohsiung County in the south, the Taiwan Sugar Museum (台灣糖業博物館) pays homage to sugar, once an important foreign exchange earner. Its history dates back to the Japanese Occupation when it operated as a sugar refinery, before becoming disused and then eventually restored to its current state. It is now well decorated and spacious, with a main highlight being the presence of several outdoor train cars and locomotive displays beside the main gate. There is also an electric train ride experience available for a small fee. Visitors can also enjoy a rustic experience by looking through the museum's many educational displays about the past. Refreshments are also available here, with the highlight being their red bean desserts and ice cream treats.

This place is also known as 台灣糖業博物館.

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Must do tips

1. Take photos with the unique locomotives which are now rarely found after being displaced by modern modes of transportation!

2. One can't leave the Sugar Museum without having a serving of their delightful yummy red bean desserts and ice cream treats!

3. Pen down your wishes on a small wooden board at the wishing shrine there for a small sum of just NT50.

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Transport tips

1. Nearest to Ciaotou station.

2. Head southeast on 糖北路 toward 橋燕路/​高34鄉道(750 m).

3. Turn right onto 糖廠路( 21 m).

4. Approximately 10mins walk.

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