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Nanzhuang Old Street - Old Street in Taiwan

Nanzhuang Township, Miaoli County, Taiwan 353

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Not letting its name down, Nan Zhuang Old Street used to be really old and run-down, that no one would ever believe it is like what it is now. Since then, it has been restored to give tourists a classic old feeling that can only be experienced in this street. Brick walls further enchanted the street so that all the tourists will be able to experience what it is like in the olden days whereby they can only see them on the television. During the weekdays, the alleys of Nan Zhuang Old Street is perfect for city dwellers to spend their time within this tranquility, a superb getaway destination from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, it would be an entirely different story during the holidays and festive seasons whereby the whole alley will be sounded with cheery voices. A community studio is available in the alley which serves not only as an arts exchange centre, but also promotes community culture. In addition to many images taken during the community events and the traditional folk arts, tourists will be able to take a break from all the running around and just have a sip of their very own Taiwanese beverage.

This place is also known as 南庄老街.

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Must do tips

1. At the northern end of Nan Zhuang Old Street, there are Yongchang Temple and a 109-year-old former post office which is converted into Nanzhuang Culture Hall

2. Authentic Hakka dishes located in Nan Zhuang Retail Market

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Transport tips

By Train:

Take train to Zhunan Railway Station(竹南火車站) -> Miaoli Bus (苗栗客運) -Nanzhuang Line (南庄方向之班車) -> Nanzhuang (南庄)

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