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Reikei Hot Spring Resort - Hot Spring Resort in Taiwan

No.61-5, Guanziling, Baihe Township , Tainan City, Taiwan 732 (台南市白河區關仔嶺61-5號)

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Reikei Hot Spring Resort is a relatively new resort and hence it is well equipped with the amenities you need just to have a short getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Reikei Hot Spring Resort has a wide range of rooms for you to choose from, together with individual room spa for you to enjoy your very own private Jacuzzi and hot spring. Definitely a good place to pamper yourself from all the stress that you have experienced in an urbanised country.

This place is also known as 儷景溫泉會館.

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Must do tips

1. Pamper yourself at the public spa bath or enjoy the private jacuzzi hot spring in your room. Sweat it out at the steam rooms for an invigorating experience.

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Transport tips

1.Nearest to Xinying Train Station.

2.From Xinying Train Station, walk to Xinying Bus Xinying Station (新營客運新營站) by heading northeast on Kaiyuan Road (開元路)

3.Turn left towards Sanmin Road (三民路), bypass Datong Road (大同路).

4.Take Bus 7404 Bus towards 關子嶺2

5.Alight 35 stops later at 關子嶺2 Bus-Stop.

6.Head south on 175 County Road (175縣道)

7.You will find Reikei Hot Spring Resort.

8.Walking distance is about 800m and whole journey takes about 2 hours.

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