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Remains of Longteng Bridge - Bridge in Taiwan

Sanyi Township, Miaoli County, Taiwan 367

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Today's appeal of the Remains of Longteng Bridge was the result of Guandaoshan Massive Earthquake in 1935 and 921 Earthquake in 1999. It was regarded as 'The greatest railway work of Taiwan' when the bridge was completed in 1905, but now what has been left is the railway bridge standing arch columns. Remains of Longteng Bridge have since become a tourist attraction for photo-taking with its contrasting red brick columns that still stood among the grass & hills close to the road, and acts as a memorial structure for the two fateful days when the earthquakes happened.

This place is also known as 龍騰斷橋.

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Must do tips

1. Take a walk on the iron bridge to enjoy the beautiful views overlooking beautiful sceneries. From April to May, white Tung flowers bloom beautifully making the area a picturesque destination.

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Transport tips

1.Nearest to Anyi Station.

2.You will need to take a cab down, as there are no bus stop near to Remains of Longteng Bridge (龍騰斷橋).

3.You will need to take a 21 mins drive down to Remains of Longteng Bridge (龍騰斷橋) which is located 9.4 km away.

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