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Jing Tong Station - Train Station in Taiwan

Pingsi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 226 (226新北市平溪區菁桐街)

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    Mon - Sun: 6.30am - 10.50pm
  • Contacts +886 2 24951510

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The Jing Tong Station was built in October 1st 1929 and still retains its original traditional Japanese architectural structure which is extremely rare to find in modern day Taiwan and is definitely worth a visit. Built for mining industry to transport coal in the past, the Jing Tong Station has a rich history as the majority of the older generation living in Jing Tong were miners. After the mining industry was discontinued, many mining relics were left behind in the mines located above the Jing Tong Station. Nearby the Jing Tong Station, Jing Tong street offers a variety of authentic local delicacies such as the traditional ice dessert and also a wide range of local groceries. In the famous film "You Are The Apple Of My Eye", Ke Teng and Shen Jia Yi was walking on the railway track on a date at this very train station during their university years.

This place is also known as 菁桐火車站.

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TC Ong

TC Ong says about Transport

Nearest Jing Tong Station

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TC Ong

TC Ong says about Must do

1. Admire the traditional Japanese architectural structure which has been retained after many years.

2. Walk down the Jing Tong Street and enjoy the vast selection of local goods.

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