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Wonga Wongue Reserve - Gabon

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The Wonga Wongue Reserve is located on the northwest coast of LIbreville and Port Gentil. The presidential reserve of Wonga-Wongue is an outstanding model for its wildlife and its landscapes. Its covers an area of 500 000 hectares. A vast sand plateau with a softened hillside of dunes that are reaching varying of 200 - 300 meters, where there are all the biodiversity of Gagon. The Atlantic coastal has magnificent beaches of fane white sand, inside of the reserve lies Lake Eliwawanyé, and in the south the valleys are crossed by rivers and Ouango Ogooué. We can see magnificent scenery, natural amphitheatres – or cirques – rare in Central Africa, created by erosion of white clay and red clay . A dense humid forest covers about two thirds of the territory, the rest is savanach, mangrove forest and wetland vegetation. The animals are protected against poaching, so there are many elephants, buffalo, lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, mangabey, colobus monkeys, panthers, sitatungas, antelope, , red river hogs and numerous birds on the edge of the reserve and turtles laying their eggs on the beach.

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Nguyen Lam Phuc

Nguyen Lam Phuc says about Must do

Here is the place that "Survivor: Gabon — Earth's Last Eden" was filmed :)

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