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Kankaso - Ryokan in Japan

10 Kasugano, Nara, Nara 630-8212, Japan

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Located near to Nara's Todaiji Temple, Kankaso is a traditional ryokan that was originally used as a sub-temple of Todaiji temple. It derives its name from the unique sight of deers roaming around outside the inn, with the word 'Kanka' meaning 'watch deer' in Japanese. Its rooms feature Japanese style architecture, and dinner involves a Japanese Kaiseki course employing seasonal ingredients.It is also well located in front of Nandai gate, the main gate of Todaiji temple, allowing guests to easily go visit nearby attractions like the Todaiji temple, the Kasuga Taisha shrine, or take a stroll in Nara Park.

This place is also known as 観鹿荘.

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Must do tips

1. Explore the major attractions around the area that are within walking distance, namley the Kasuga Taisha shrine and the Todaiji temple.

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Transport tips

From different stations:

Kintetsu Nara train station - 3 minutes taxi ride.

JR Nara train station - 6 minutes taxi ride.

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